In 2011, Telvent became part of Schneider Electric. Together we will provide a complete set of services and solutions for more efficient, flexible, and secure operations.

Schneider Electric & Telvent's open-ended solutions make the grid more efficient, more flexible and more secure.

  • Improving service continuity while absorbing increasing demand and peak loads
  • Connecting and managing more green and volatile energy by up to 30 per cent
  • Operate the grid safely and securely
  • Delivering greater visibility and decision-making tools at entreprise level allowing to improve CAPEX and OPEX

As a result, you can count on us for comprehensive solutions for advanced grid management, integration of renewables, optimized network operations, safety & security. To reinforce a consistent identity and our reputation as a global leader, we now have one name: Schneider Electric.

Telvent & Schneider Electric, a unique combination, placed at the forefront of your sustainability and efficiency challenges for today and tomorrow!




Here's more about what our new Schneider Electric brand means to you —